YOUR CONSULTANT IS Jacqui 💜💜💜 Schlotterbeck

My Story

I Joined Scentsy In February of 2011 , I was at a crossroads in my life, , My Life and friends had revolved around my Oldest Daughters Athletics and when she went to college in the Fall of 2010 I guess i was a little lost.. ..I am Disabled and I stay at home so when i say i was a little lost that was a understatement I wasnt sure what to do with my time . I worked Part-time for the IRS but that was from my home so i still wasn't getting out of the house.. or had any reason to ....I was driving my husband and son crazy . It wasnt until in January of 2011 while my husband was painting our living room that he put the idea of selling scentsy into my head .. I always had a Yankee candle on our opening shelving unit , Ill never forget the day he moved it to paint and there was a imprint of the shelves in Soot on the Wall.. His Exact words were "no more candles , go but whatever scentsy pots you want " lol ... and i did

It wasn't until Late February that i finally took the plunge. On February 24th 2011 i pulled up the website of the gal that i had been buying online from and Joined Scentsy ... Honestly I didn't know her from adam... lol ..

When i initially joined it was just to get the discount, do a few book parties, maybe a home party . I didn't win any of the new consultant awards, I didn't really talk to my sponser. I put in small parties and putzed around with the opportunity . it was that fall i did my first vendor show and signed up for my first spring sprint (now world tour) with my sponser and a handful of her team...

It was February 2012 , at my first spring sprint that my life changed,,, i had found my niche, it excited my passions , I was reengergized